A little
Overview about
our company

Welcome to Sumicot Limited, located at Dahej, the western coast in the state of Gujarat, India. Established in the year 2014 with an initial ring spindle capacity of 19584, expanded to 39168 spindles within a short span of 3 years along with double yarn and knitted fabric production facilities. We manufacture 100% Cotton yarn and Knitted Fabrics under our brand name Sumicot. With our stringent commitments to quality, our products meets the requirement and expectations of customers focussed on premium segments and high end uses.


The company is producing 100% cotton yarn & knitted fabrics of upmost premium qualities. Under its group, the organisation also produces varieties of polyester yarns and is also engaged in dyeing & printing of polyester fabrics which it exports all around the world.


To be a fully integrated textile unit which will cater to the most premium & critical segments & be the finest in the industry.

It’s Always about
the team work

The company believes that the success of an organization is all about having a great team. With the best, the most passionate & motivated team, the company is able to create such a great brand name in the markets within such a short period of time.